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A hydraulic mulcher mows and shreds the grass clippings so that light and air can reach the grass underneath. Mulchers are often only powered by tractors with a PTO shaft.
Hydraulic mulchers are a solution for wheel loaders, yard loaders or telescopic handlers that do not have a PTO shaft.
Mulchers that are driven hydraulically instead of via a PTO shaft can also be used on a swivel arm at a greater distance from the tractor or work vehicle and can therefore be used very flexibly.

The main purpose of a mulcher is the maintenance of fallow land and landscape conservation.

Areas of application for hydraulic mulchers

Local authorities mainly use hydraulic mulchers to maintain grass verges along roads, to mow out ditches or to cut back trees and bushes on side roads or paths.

In agriculture, hydraulic mulchers are used to maintain fallow land. Hydraulic mulchers with or without swivel arms can also be used flexibly without a tractor. Areas of application can include bushes and trees at the edges of fields. Other applications include keeping irrigation and drainage ditches clear and keeping farm tracks and access roads passable.

Tree nurseries, orchards and vineyards use hydraulic mulchers to keep the cultivation alleys between the rows of fruit trees, fruit bushes, fir trees or vines clear, as the vegetation there no longer needs to be kept down with weedkillers. The high manoeuvrability of hydraulic mulchers makes it possible to work precisely between the rows of plants and also to mow under the plants without the work vehicle having to get too close to them.

An important application for hydraulic mulchers - especially when they are mounted on swivel arms - is always working at a distance from the work vehicle, as they can work at a distance of up to 600 cm, depending on the model. This allows you to keep your distance from swampy riverbanks and pond banks, mow under fences and obstacles and also avoid damage to plants that would otherwise be affected by insufficient distance.

Technical details of hydraulic mulchers

A hydraulic mower is not traditionally powered by the PTO drive of a tractor or Unimog, but by the pressure of a hydraulic pump. The working width is often narrower than that of PTO-driven machines. In many applications, however, the hydraulically steerable boom in any direction is essential: the greater the reach of the boom, the narrower the working width of an embankment mulcher usually is.

To ensure that the working position of the mulcher mowing head can be set precisely, finely adjustable hydraulics are essential. If the mulcher is mounted on a boom arm, four or more control functions are usually required. Professional mowers such as the Bowell BCH mulchers have four hydraulic cylinders so that 8 control functions are available. Particularly convenient is a control system that is not cable-bound, but works by remote control. You can then position the control in the tractor or Unimog as you wish without having to run 4, 6 or more lines into the cab, which is still the standard with many simpler models.

Hydraulic mulchers for wheel loaders, yard loaders or telescopic handlers usually have to make do with lower hydraulic pressure, as often only 30 l/min are available, which is significantly less than in tractors, for example. It is therefore important that the hydraulic components are perfectly harmonised to ensure satisfactory mulching results.

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