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E A mower or flail mower, called embankment mower, is a machine for mowing and at the same time shredding the crop.

The main purpose of the mowers is the maintenance of fallow land and the maintenance of the landscape.

Areas of application of a flail mower

Municipalities mainly use flail mowers to maintain the green strips along the streets or other unused green spaces.

In agriculture , flail mowers are used to care for fallow land. Much more important, however, is the comminution of greenery (catch crops), which are then worked into the soil by, for example, tillers and thus lead to an improvement in the humus content of the soil.
Forestry uses flail mowers to keep green areas free or to use areas that were previously planted with trees.

Tree nurseries, fruit growing and viticulture use rock mowers to keep the cultivation lanes clear between the rows of fruit trees, fruit trees, fir trees or vines, since the vegetation there should no longer be kept low with weed killers.

Another important task for mowers is the shredding of the annual pruning of crops, which is often done automatically. For cost reasons, the cut back of the wood is no longer collected and should then be shredded together with the grass.

Types of execution of the flail mower

Flail mowers are mostly driven by the PTO shaft of a tractor or Unimog and are designed as front or rear attachments. Alternatively, there are also hydraulically driven mowers with often smaller working widths, which are mounted on a hydraulically controllable boom . Flail mowers for front attachment support 1000 rpm in addition to the standard PTO speed of 540 rpm.

Flail mowers either have a fixed working position on the tractor, whereby the mower usually protrudes laterally over the right rear wheel of the tractor, so that mowing flush with the edge is made easier. Alternatively, mowers can use a hydraulic shift to change the position behind the tractor while it is in motion.

This makes working on obstacles such as trees, bushes or bridges easier. Side mowers or mowers are guided on a hydraulically controlled arm and can cut pits and slopes to the right of the tractor at an angle of -60 °. to + 90 ° mowing out and are therefore even suitable for cutting back hedges.

There are also motor-driven flail mowers , which are often pulled by an all-terrain towing vehicle. Here, either very small areas or difficultly situated slopes are also the main area of application, as are very damp soils that are not accessible by tractors all year round due to their high weight.

The use of motor-driven flail mowers in solar parks in fields , where the main aim is to keep sunlit green areas particularly on the outer edges of the system, has been a frequent feature in recent years. It is necessary to mow them so that they do not grow against the solar panels from below, which would reduce their energy yield. Because of the sensitive technology, large tractors and their attachments are often not suitable because the solar panels are positioned too close to the ground.

The special design of flail mowers results in a clean cut even with tall, matted grass. If the flail mower is used correctly, the clippings are shredded so much that this does not need to be collected afterwards, as it rots very quickly and at the same time lets light and air into the meadow below, so that this can continue to grow without impairment.

There are two basic types of mowers: rotary or sickle mowers and the much more common flail mowers. With the sickle mower, rapidly rotating horizontal blades shred the grass.

Here, however, objects such as branches, stones or tree stumps almost always lead to severe damage to the device, as the entire drive is designed to be at the level of the knife.

Technical specifications of our flail mowers

In the much more robust flail mowers , the tractor drives a rotor shaft that rotates quickly in the opposite direction of travel via a transmission gear. The shaft rotates at 2000 to 2300 rpm. On this rotor shaft are movably attached massive hammer mallets which, depending on the design of the flail mower, can weigh between 320 g and 1500 g.

The Hammerschlegel cut off any kind of vegetation at the set height and shred the material inside the flail mower in the shortest possible time, which is also where jagged, replaceable counter-blades play a major role.

During work, the full length of the flails protrudes from the rotating rotor shaft , so that this rotor shaft is approx. 15 to 20 cm from the ground. This prevents this wave from coming into contact with foreign objects in the meadow. The power requirement of a flail mower is 12 to 18 kW per meter of working width compared to other mowing machines.

However, it is very advantageous that a flail mower can also process branches and small pieces of wood and stones do not cause any damage to the machine. If appropriate special flails are used, even branches up to 40 mm in diameter can be shredded, which is a common application in fruit and wine growing.

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