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A mower mows and shreds the cuttings and is extremely versatile due to the fact that the mower head can be moved around two axes.

Böschungsmulcher Ansicht 1BCRI Böschungsmulcher Ansicht 1BCRI Böschungsmulcher Ansicht 1Bowell BCRX PROFI-Böschungsmulcher - 1400 g Schlegel - für 130 bis 200 PS - 240 cm bis 280 cm Arbeitsbreite

The main purpose of a verge mowers is the maintenance of fallow land and the maintenance of the landscape with a special focus on uneven areas

Areas of application of a bulging verge mower

Municipalities mainly use rubbish verge mowers to maintain the green strips along the roads that rise or fall, for mowing out road greens or cutting back trees and bushes Side streets or paths.

In agriculture, verge mowers as well as normal flail verge mowers are used to care for fallow land. In addition, however, bushes and trees can be cut back at the edges of fields, working and drainage areas can be kept free and farm roads can be easily and quickly cleared of protruding branches .

Tree nurseries, fruit growing and viticulture use verge mowers to keep the cultivation alleys clear between the rows of fruit trees, fruit trees, fir trees or vines, since the vegetation there is no longer kept low with weeds should. The high mobility of the verge mowers makes it possible to work precisely between the rows of plants and also to mow under the plants without the tractor having to come too close.

An important purpose of the verge mowers is always working at a distance from the tractor, as depending on the model, you can work at a distance of more than 350cm from the center of the tractor. In this way, the tractor can keep a distance from swampy river and pond banks, mowing under fences and obstacles, but also avoiding damage to plants that would otherwise be affected by the tractor being too close.

Technical details of the bush mowers

The actual mowing mechanism of the verge mowers is classically driven by the PTO shaft of a tractor or Unimog and is designed as a front or rear attachment. Alternatively, there are also hydraulically driven mowing units with often smaller working widths. However, what is essential for the function of the verge mowers is the hydraulically controllable boom , which is equipped with at least two hydraulic cylinders and can therefore position the mower precisely to the side and at the cutting angle ; & rsc; The greater the reach of the boom, the narrower the working width of a verge mowers usually is.

A finely adjustable hydraulic system is indispensable so that the working position of the verge mower can be set precisely for a slope, a ditch or a hedge. The prerequisite for this is that a hydraulic cylinder is connected to a so-called double-acting control unit of the tractor. This means that the tractor's hydraulics exert pressure on both connecting lines of a hydraulic cylinder so that the cylinder assumes a certain position by varying the pressure and counterpressure and - just as importantly - maintains this position over the entire period of use.

With the two hydraulic cylinders of the mulch verge mower controlled in the manner described, it is possible to move the mulch verge mower from left to right and reduce the inclination of the mower from + 90 °. (vertical for hedge trimming) up to -60 ° (Mow the ditch) steplessly adjustable. A flow control valve and a safety valve are important for the operational safety of verge mowers so that damage to hydraulic lines cannot lead to uncontrolled movements.

Especially if the verge mowers are used at a considerable distance to the right of the tractor, the tractor driver may not notice any obstacles in the tall grass. In this case, verge mowers are equipped with a so-called collision protection. This device makes it possible that on the verge mowers immediately upon hitting a solid obstacle & nbsp; a mechanism is triggered which ensures that the hydraulic swivel arm of the mulch verge mower swings backwards and gives way.

The impact on a solid obstacle is very clearly perceptible to the driver of a tractor despite the engine noise, so that there is usually enough time to stop the machine immediately at the low speed during mulching. By moving the swivel arm backwards, greater damage can be prevented, as the stopping distance is very short.

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